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I want to put on. What is next? The best way to get your project reviewed is to send us an idea through the website of ours. You will need to send us the following: Proof of Concept (screenshots or maybe video that you have already created) - if you've none of this particular, you won't be reviewed. Proof of Funding (in case you are inside a pre ICO or maybe in case you're only searching for financial backing to help you get started) - in case you're trying to raise funding then this should be over 500 zero EUR.

Token Information - this should record the range of tokens you're presenting, the particular date and the importance. ICO info - this has the day, selling price as well as the funding target . If you have multiple ICOs you would like to list, you have to submit a listing application for each and every. You are able to only include one Top ICO listing at a time, so see to it that you submit one application before publishing another.

In case you use for multiple listings, the listing which is generated initially would be the listing you receive when you visit You are able to try adding multiple ICOs on your listing, but you must add them in individual listings. The principal listing that you apply to on will be the listing which can show up at What is the perfect time to start an ICO? It doesn't actually matter whenever you start. However, you will get far more exposure in case you start off your ICO in the evenings and at the few days.

Thus, in case you are planning to start on a weekend, make sure you do it as soon as they can. The greater the exposure you get during the times, the much more likely your ICO will do well. Here you place all the info about the ICO, verify our timestamp for whenever the deal was sealed, and you are prepared to mint! Note: This agreement is an MVP only (meaning that you'll be developing a sensible contract) the ICO platform will additionally have several extra aspects. When you make an effort to mint you'll be asked to get into your own personal proof of work because we have to know you're actually 100 % green (and you're not purchasing with spam)!

And then the minting begins, so the quantity of tokens is estimated from the fee as opposed to the measure of ETH collected. Later on, the owners which sent ETH to the ICO contract will receive tokens as a resulting worth of the ICO contract. When the crowdsale is over, the ICO contract begins sending tokens instantly to your wallets if the crowdsale has ended. This's what we call an event chain. This's the easiest technique to find tokens and we'll additionally help support STORING of tokens by potential customers.

I'm not a small business. How do I apply? We are not a company which will help you create a business. That is the reason we do not charge companies to promote themselves. That is also the reason we only support business ideas which are within the development phase or perhaps are finished. The only kind of business concept that we can assist with is a solution that is actually been finished and is in the development phase. The main reason they are not offering that feature is since they're obtaining a great deal of spam requests, and they have to personally approve every listing.

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